Designated Driver Service - Calgary
Professional Driver Services

Our Core Values

HONESTY -  Be honest with everyone.  Honesty is the Best policy!
INTEGRITY - Always do the right thing!
LOYALTY - Build trusting relationships for life.
TRUSTWORTHINESS - Keeping our promises.  You can rely on us!
RESPECTFULNESS - Regard for people's feelings.  We respect your privacy.
COMMUNITY - Giving back to our community
GOLDEN RULE - Treat everyone the way you want to be treated
Why Use DEZZ?

No stress!
Your car is safely home with you and hasn't been:
And you didn't get a DUI, or have an accident causing harm to you or others
because you made the
most responsible,
most convenient,
and most affordable
decision to use
DEZZ Dezignated Driverz!
​​Who we are...
The Team at DrivePro Canada Inc. and DEZZ Dezignated Driverz are lead by a dedicated group of entrepreneurs who saw a need that had to be filled.​

With over 25 years in the transportation industry, ​we care about customer service above all, and want to provide a service of excellence and affordability.
"This is a worthwhile cause that truly saves lives."